Shapoorji Pallonji Hadapsar Manjri Pune


The experienced Shapoorji Pallonji Group has strategically placed the Shapoorji Pallonji Joyville Manjri in a location where essential landmarks and buildings will surround you. The site plays the trump card in a deciding which flat to go for so that you can commute relatively lesser. It not only cuts down the expensive transportation costs but also you can add more hours in your day-to-day life.

When the weekends hit, you can easily find yourself in one of the near places of multiplexes, shopping complexes, cafes, etc. For daily and necessary needs, grocery stores medicine shops, other popular centres are at a stone's throw away.

Manjri is a class topper in connectivity. It has well established in all modes of transport. The nearest major railway junction from Manjri is at a distance of 13 km only. The Pune junction can be reached traversing through Ghorpadi Road and Manjri Road. The other significant local stations are Manjari Boduk, Hadaspur, and Ghorpuri. The short distance from the Pune International Airport is a game- changer for the location. One can commute through the wide roads of Pune-Ahmedabad Highway, Nagar Road, or Beed-Ahmedabad-Pune Road to this city only covering 13.6 km. The journey is smooth because of controlled traffic and spacious two ways path, therefore the excellent development of bridging the distance proved to pivotal. We have already made the point of how Manjri joins primary locations efficiently, but Manjri roads run into the nerves of the city. The neighborhoods are joined through the local buses. PMPML or Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited provides services to the nearby areas. Commuters can board any of the buses either from PMT (which is 0.3 km away) or from Mahadev Nagar (which is 0.12 km away from Manjri). Such short distances from the spot help travelers to save time and also money on a daily basis.

There are several reasons people are coming down to Manjri instead of more developed cities like Hadaspur or Fatima Nagar. First, the listing price of a common 2 BHK or 3 BHK apartments has skyrocketing costs. This high pricing is a major driving factor that dwellers are choosing the next best in the neighborhood, Manjri. There have has been significant calls where Manjri is showing promising growth after Pune Solapur Road has completed. A working adult’s dream would be to own an apartment a stone’s throw away distance. And Shapoorji Pallonji Manjri will gladly be at her rescue. The development and growth of the industrial and IT sectors have to indebt proved to be beneficial. Shapoorji Pallonji Manjri is placed such skillfully that the giants IT workplaces like Magarpatta and SP Info city are at minimal distances. The dwellers can lead to hassle-free commuting life as well can save precious time and money. The social and physical infrastructure development around Manjri is commendable. Anyone can take a quick break and forget the tiresome work deadlines within a few steps from Shapoorji Pallonji Manjri. It equips the place with several malls, which works for both recreation and daily needs. Other prominent national and international educational institutes, healthcare centers are already present.

Narrowing down to specifics, Shapoorji Pallonji Manjri is building on a prime, well-connected location. It will soak you into luxury within its Vaastu complaint 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK flats. You will be offered with urban lifestyle amenities so you don’t have to walk lengths for daily requirements. Shapoorji Pallonji Manjri carefully blended the advanced modern architecture with old-fashioned open spaces of nature in 15 acres of land. Shapoorji Pallonji gift wraps your flat from exquisite interior styling to easy boarding on public cabs and transport.

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